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Ellen Petraits

Rhode Island School of Design
Research & Instruction Librarian
Thematic Book Displays are a great way to engage our arts community with the circulating collection in new and exciting ways; they highlight and support topics being discussed on campus, and create novel associations between titles in the collection which do not sit together on the shelves. Ellen Petraits will talk about her development of the Thematic Book Displays browsing guide which uses a book cover widget to collect and organize book displays for serendipitous browsing. A recent book display on Creative Practice incorporates books on art practice, creativity, imagination, writing, innovation, habits, happiness, and play. She will discuss how usage is tracked and the impact of the displays in terms of inquiries about the displays after they have been taken down, research support, improving visibility to current topics, underrepresented or hard to find topics, instruction requests, and collection development.
Sunday, February 5

5:00pm CST

Monday, February 6

8:30am CST

10:15am CST

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6:30pm CST

Tuesday, February 7

9:30am CST

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4:00pm CST

Wednesday, February 8

8:00am CST

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Thursday, February 9

10:00am CST